Personal & Professional References

Current contact information for references available upon request

Name: Nicole Sandler
Current Occupation: Internet Political Talk Radio Host / Professional Fill-In Political Talk Radio Host/Voiceover Artist
Previous Occupation: Nationally Syndicated Political Talk Radio Host, SiriusXM/Air America

Name: Aimee Debenigno
Current Occupation: CoProducer, 'Steele & Ungar' SiriusXM POTUS
Previous Occupation: Producer & Booker, Fox News Channel; Producer WABC radio

Name: Randi Rhodes
Current Occupation:Retired - Nationally Syndicated Political Talk Radio Host, Premiere Radio
Previous Occupation:Nationally Syndicated Political Talk Radio Host, Premiere Radio, Nova M Radio, Air America.

Name: Drew Carmichael
Current Occupation: Executive Producer, Laura Ingraham Show
Previous Occupation: Assistant Producer, Laura Ingraham Show

Name: Beowulf Rochlen
Current Occupation: Executive Producer at USA Radio Networks
Previous Occupation: Executive Producer, The Randi Rhodes Show

Name: Peter Ogburn
Current Occupation: Executive Producer, The Bill Press Show; Writer/Producer NPR Food, American Food Roots
Previous Occupation: Writer/Contributor, Fishbowl DC

Name: Sarah Burris
Current Occupation: Political Writer/Editor/Journalist, Raw Story
Previous Occupation: Freelance writer for Salon, Alternet, Rewire, Blue Nation Review, Daily Kos

Name: Paul Fell
Current Occupation: Professional Syndicated Cartoonist, Artizans Syndicate