Employment History

Silversmith Productions

Freelance Radio Producer / Editor / Writer / Consultant / Graphic Designer
Dates:  October 1998 - Current         Self-employed
Washington, DC metro area

Experience has included work for pay or trade, assisting both companies and individuals with radio production, content creation, writing, editing, or graphic design needs, in news, editoral, entertainment, or promotional sectors. Specific experience includes, but is not limited to: live radio and podcast production; writing and/or editing of newscasts, headlines, and stories; voiceover and production work for radio and podcast spots (commercials); management of social media content and website content; graphic design and creation of content for online and print publication, including non-traditional uses.

Steele And Ungar Show

Dates: March 2016 - November 2016         WYD Media/SiriusXM Radio
Washington, DC metro area

Acted in multiple producer roles, from Executive Producer to Actualities Producer, in a non-standard organizational structure, for a weekday evening political talk show. Organized, directed, and executed show plan. Contacted and acquired guests for live appearances. Cut, edited, and produced audio. Managed & mentored staff. Worked with commercial traffic on scheduling and execution.

The Stephanie Miller Show

Managing Producer
Dates:  March 2016 - August 2016         WYD Media
Washington, DC metro area

Acted as Remote Managing Producer, with responsibilities for most aspects of the show, especially daily production, show prep, and audio cuts. Worked with Host, Assistant Producer, and other production staff in various locations across the United States to produce a daily weekday morning political talk & entertainment show. Set daily prep sheet and general show rundown. Did research and organized news stories for presentation. Cut, edit, and produced corresponding audio actualities. Worked with booking producer to arrange and acquire guests. Also booked some guests. Worked with web producer to handle some web issues, including new website. Worked with Assistant Producer to handle on-site issues in L.A. Worked as on-site live producer for show at 2016 DNC. Managed staff issues and mentored production staff.

The Laura Ingraham Show

Actualities Producer
Dates:  August 2015 -March 2016         Radio Ingraham LLC
Washington, DC metro area

Cut, complied, edited, produced, and organized audio for a live three hour nationally syndicated morning political talk radio show. Compiled transcripts from audio clips. Worked with other production staff to make sure prep was ready for host daily, regardless of host's broadcasting location (host travels often). Gathered audio from multiple live events, produced overnight, was ready by 7 AM, with show slated for 9AM start. Would compile between 20-60 cuts per night, pending world and national events. Used public and private resources to gather sound. Organized audio archive.

The Randi Rhodes Show
Premiere Radio

Assistant Executive Producer - The Randi Rhodes Show
Dates:  January 2011 - May 2014          Premiere Radio
Rockville, MD (Washington D.C.)/West Palm Beach, FL

Hired in part based on previous experience with show. Position duties included most online content management; on-site staffing needs of host; acquiring guests; researching topics; screening callers. Act as intermediary between Executive Producer and other members of staff. Duties also included audio editing and preparation; engineering assistant; other related matters.

The Randi Rhodes Show
Premiere Radio

Executive Producer (Interim) - The Randi Rhodes Show
Dates:  January 2010 - March 2010          Premiere Radio
Rockville, MD (Washington D.C.)

Initially interviewed with the intent by management to hire for the position of Assistant Producer for The Randi Rhodes Show; was hired two months later on a temporary basis, and within three days was transitioned to Executive Producer. Duties included responsibility for all elements of show communication and organization, with both inside and outside personnel. Position duties also included significant reorganization and codification of procedures; reactivation of online elements of the show (including Facebook activity); acquiring technical software to fulfill the needs of the show talent; eliminating unnecessary elements of show prep; streamlining show workflow; acquiring guests; researching topics; screening callers; working with show webmaster and website production manager; and relearning Clear Channel/Premiere Online CMS. Duties also included audio editing and preparation; creation, editing, and mixing of comedy bits; working with show budget; working with outside consultant; engineering assistant; managing staffing concerns, and other related matters.

Obama For America

Field Office Assistant; Barack Obama Campaign
Dates:  October 2008 - November 2008        OFA (Obama For America)
Altoona, IA (Des Moines, IA)

Acted as Chief Assistant to Primary Field Office Operators in Altoona, IA office during the last few months of the 2008 Presidential campaign. Duties included logistics and daily office organization; management and direction of volunteers; transportation and delivery of critical campaign materials. Also assisted with President-elect's rally in downtown Des Moines, IA, including set-up and take down of site; working with advance team and Secret Service to secure site; on-site promotion and distribution of political signage. Activities also included canvassing, GOTV (Get Out The Vote) activities, and volunteer relations.

Three Eagles Communications

Online Content Director
Dates:  March 2007 - May 2008                    Three Eagles Communications
Lincoln, NE

A position equivalent to a Program Director, overseeing all aspects of a radio group/cluster's websites, including the content management system (CMS), as well as social media sub-sites and user generated content. Manages limited budget, and sets timelines and guidelines for development and implementation of website tools. Supervised individual station webmasters, and acted as assistant and trainer to station webmasters, guiding the webmasters to technical solutions for their station's issues. As OCD, also acted as a liaison between station's PD & it's Promotions Director, and helped the PD and Promotions Director understand the limitations of the stations' CMS (Content Management System). As OCD also acted as an intermediary between the Programming and Sales departments, helping each side understand how programming distributed online could be monetized effectively.

Clear Channel
Three Eagle Communications

On-Air Personality, KTGL-FM: May 2000 - May 2008
On-Air Personality/Webmaster-KZKX: May 2003 - May 2008

Dates:  (see above)                    Clear Channel/Three Eagles Communications          Lincoln, NE

In short, a modern radio D.J. Most recently worked in both country and classic rock formats. Also experienced in other formats including Adult Contemporary/Hot AC, News/Talk, and Sports Reporting. As webmaster, duties included creation/maintenance of graphics, look and feel of Occasional assistance with creation/maintenance of graphics, look and feel of for other webmaster prior to 03/2007. Wrote and produced commercial copy and spots (ads) for on-air use. Was prepared to handle breaking news situations, and fill-in as morning news person, as needed. Position required availability for shifts at odd times, and in unusual places, while keeping a positive attitude.

Husker Sports Network

Executive Producer
Dates:  January 2006 - February 2007          Husker Sports Network                    Lincoln, NE

Responsible for all on-air programming on the 51-member Husker Sports (radio) Network, including broadcasts of all major sporting events, including Football, Volleyball, Men's and Women's Basketball, Softball, and Baseball. Also produced, organized, and arranged all elements for a three-hour weeknight sports-talk show, including all guest arrangements, and management of broadcast and production staff. Responsible for all elements of production and broadcast. Also created and produced the Husker Sports Network (at that time, Pinnacle Sports Network) Spring (Print) Media Guide.