Writing Portfolio

Writing IconAs any worthwhile member of the media knows, whether your work is on TV or radio, in the movies, or published on the page, all great communications and media products start with great writing. That includes writing everything from commercial spot scripts and published news, to on-air performance scripts and political communications. For Shawn, that even includes writing HTML code, like the code for this entire website.

In twenty years of working professionally in the media, Shawn has produced scripts for audio commercials, and written for commerical publications. He's written years of daily political commentaries, produced multimedia articles for nationally syndicated radio shows, and even written political scripts for GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts, for the 2008 Presidential Campaign of then-Senator Barack Obama.

From having his work cited by a top lobbyist in The New York Times, to being retweeted, followed, and regularly interacting with some of the best in journalism today (including Greg Sargent, Ed Kilgore, Goldie Taylor and Joan Walsh), Shawn's writing abilities have stretched the gamut from understanding politics, to understanding how to sell events and products.

Check out the examples of Shawn's writing below, in each of three common media writing categories.

Commercial WritingCommercial Writing
Political WritingPolitical Writing
Multimedia WritingMultimedia Writing