Production & Voiceover Work

In Shawn "Smith" Peirce's nearly twenty years of work in media and consulting, he's voiced a great many advertising spots, from on-air work to in-store retail announcements. He's also written the copy for and produced the audio on some of those same spots, as you can hear and see for yourself, throughout this Producer Portfolio section.

Even at his recent posting in West Palm Beach, Florida, working on national radio, Shawn's voice was requested for a series of local spots, for a local event. You can hear his work here on two slightly different spots for the Stuart Florida Air Show, sponsored by aircraft manufacturers Sikorsky, and Pratt&Whitney.

Shawn's positive, energetic delivery has long been a hallmark of his audio work, from on-air to commerical production. That tone can easily be heard in this spot for a local Lincoln, Nebraska bar & restaurant, "Uncle Ron's" that Shawn both voiced and wrote the copy for (at the direction of the client), in June of 2007.

Due to a massive apartment fire in 2008 caused by one of his then-neighbors, most other production pieces from Shawn's nearly two decade career of media work were destroyed. However, two of Shawn's more unusual audio production pieces did survive, thanks to a resourceful former co-worker.

This unique production request came during the time Shawn worked with Wal-Mart, in one of their new experimental stores. At that time, Shawn was hired to help Wal-Mart roll out and promote their "Connection Center" [cell phone] concept - which is now a standard fixture in most Wal-Mart stores. At that time, Wal-Mart broadcast their own in-store radio station twenty-four hours a day, and was looking to experiment with audio interstitial ads, to promote products to shoppers within their own stores. The following two spots were written, voiced, and produced by Shawn for that purpose, and aired within several Wal-Mart stores in Eastern Nebraska during 2005 and 2006.

If you're looking for other production examples of Shawn's work, check out his Producer's work for The Randi Rhodes Show, as well as his Producer's work for the Husker Sports Network.