Producer/Talent Portfolio

Producer /Talent IconAs both a radio producer and an on-air talent since 1994, Shawn's gathered an impressive portfolio on both sides of the radio microphone. However, working in the top levels of the radio industry today - as in most categories of media - involves more than just mastering skills with a control board, microphone, and an audience.

Along the way from local radio DJ, to producer of one of the most well-known nationally syndicated progressive talk radio shows, Shawn's diverse set of skills in writing, news gathering, print & web design, and social media managment have allowed him to leverage his talents to the advantage of both clients and employers alike. Often, Shawn's use of multiple sets of skills at the same have been required to produce great results for the shows and organizations he's worked with.

See - and hear - for yourself how Shawn's skills have combined for top-notch results by clicking on one of the four options below.

Randi Rhodes Producer ExamplesProducer's Work For 'The Randi Rhodes Show'
Husker Sports Producer ExamplesProducer's Work For the Husker Sports Network

Production/Voiceover ExamplesProduction / Voiceover Work
Air Talent ExamplesAir Talent /On-Air Work