On-Air / Air Talent Work

Shawn "Smith" Peirce has worked in radio in an on-air capacity, in one way or another, for most of the last twenty years. His experience includes not only music formats, like classic rock, country, pop/top 40, and adult contemporary. He's also worked as a radio news and sports reporter and producer, both on a local and national level.

His most recent position as the Assistant Executive Producer for the nationally syndicated Randi Rhodes Show involved very little time on-air. Shawn has kept his on-air abilities up however, through occasional on-air appearances both on Randi's show and on shows like "The Leslie Marshall Show" and SiriusXM's 'Steele & Ungar.' Feel free to check out examples of some of Shawn's recent appearances, below.

Long Form / Interview

This appearance happened near the end of the Randi Rhodes Show, when guest host Nicole Sandler was filling in. At the request of Randi's listeners, Shawn gave a thorough tutorial on how the members of the show created the daily "Homework" news links. This full-length segment also included a full-length writeup, which Nicole Sandler has permanently included at her website,
Short Form / Interview

This appearance on The Leslie Marshall show, happened on June 12, 2014, after Shawn responded to a tweet from Leslie during the show. Leslie and her producer Mark Grimaldi asked Shawn in a private message to call in to the show to further discuss the topics of the ISIS/ISIL advance and the latest fall of Iraq, as well as other recent news issues associated with the military and the media.

Shawn's most recent regular on-air music station assignment included a seven-and-a-half year stint on legendary classic rock station KTGL-FM (92.9 The Eagle) in Lincoln, Nebraska. His last primary on-air position was Middays (10A-2P), and in his last on-air ratings period, he improved ratings a full point from fall to spring, in the station's target demo. Shawn also had a five year-concurrent stint on country legend 96KX, KZKX-FM, also located in Lincoln, Nebraska, where his primary shifts were weekends and weekday afternoon fill-in (2P-7P).

Due to a massive apartment fire in 2008 caused by one of his then-neighbors, most airchecks from Shawn's nearly two decade career of on-air work were destroyed. However, the following two sets were recovered (thanks to friends in the business) and are available here for you to listen to, and see if Shawn's unique personality would work for your station.

Feel free to listen to Shawn's complete aircheck sessions from both KTGL and KZKX below.

Aircheck: Classic Rock Format
This aircheck session is from early 2007, during one of Shawn's regular weekend shifts. Each break intro was regulated heavily for time by the Program Director of KTGL for all air talent on the station. KTGL's breaks during this time period were quick and designed to drive the listener to the website, for interaction and further details. This aircheck session encompasses a standard Saturday 6PM- 12AM shift.
Aircheck: Country Format
This aircheck session is from late December 2007, when Shawn was filling in for 96KX's regular weeknight DJ. 96KX (KZKX) is a country station, with a high level of on-air interaction with it's listeners. The weeknight show at that time had two major regular features, "The Top 5 At 8", and "The New Music Shootout at 9 O'Clock." This aircheck session encompasses the 7PM-12AM weeknight shift.