Multimedia Writing Portfolio

Contrary to the misunderstanding of many, writing for multimedia projects doesn't just simply consist of writing copy, news, commentary, or opinion pieces, and then adding some links to your source work when you post it online.

Writing for multimedia involves either creating or adapting graphics, as well as using video and audio all within the same single webpage. This use of different communication methods requires the reader to use multiple different types of media in order to fully understand what's on the digital page in front of them.

While Shawn has several examples of this kind of multimedia writing throughout this website, below are links to two different examples of this kind of writing. Both were built and written for the Randi Rhodes Show, and offer simple examples of Shawn's shortform and longform multimedia writing.

Randi Rhodes Producer ExamplesShortform Multimedia Writing Example
Husker Sports Producer ExamplesLongform Multimedia Writing Example