Shortform Multimedia Writing Example -"Video In-Depth: The Debt Ceiling Explained"

It's often assumed - incorrectly - that writing for multimedia always means creating longer, more complicated projects. Quality multimedia writing can also be displayed in shorter works, like the one Shawn created for the Friday, September 27th, 2013 Randi Rhodes Show, as seen below.

By using two different videos - one from prolific internet video creator CGP Grey and one from Karen Tumulty and the Washington Post's 'In Play' division - along with multiple links, Shawn was able to leverage a bit more than 200 words into an in-depth explanation of what the debt ceiling really is, why our government keeps coming into conflict with it, and how we might be able to solve the debt ceiling problem.

Check out the brief multimedia article below for yourself and see how well it explains the debt ceiling.

Even though tea party support has dwindled to all-time low levels, when it comes to the issue of the debt ceiling, Republicans in Congress continue to bow to the insane whims of the extremist tea party freaks. Almost every time the debt ceiling renewal rolls around, the nuts on the right effectively hold all of America hostage like someone with a bomb strapped to their chest.

You might think people who understand high-level finance with large dollar amounts - like the Wall Street elite - would side with the tea freaks. And at least some on Wall Street do. However, most of Wall Street thinks the way the Republican Party is currently handling the debt ceiling issue is nuts.

So what is the debt ceiling? Is it Constitutional? And why does this happen every time we reach the debt ceiling? For those answers, grab a seat, and watch this educational video from C.G.P. Grey.

So now you understand that the debt ceiling debacle we have is really a problem created by Congress, that only they can solve.

However, you may still be wondering why America is the only large nation with a debt ceiling? Also, what will happen if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling? And is there an option for President Obama to save us from Congress' ridiculous deadlock?

Karen Tumulty, Washington Post national politics reporter has those answers and more in this short video from the Washington Post TV's 'In Play.'