Writing IconAs anyone who understands media today knows, image is everything. That includes - literally - the images associated with your products and branding. When every organization - retail stores, charity groups, publications, politicians, and even individuals - is relying on the internet for revenue and attention driving mechanisms, how you look in the public eye today is equally important to the product or service you're presenting to the world.

For more than 30 years, Shawn's been creating graphics with computers, something he still does today. In fact, every image on this website was created by him - including the layout and creation of the website itself. From stock photos and graphics to original artwork, Shawn's ability to visualize ideas and translate them into graphics that are instantly understandable has been a talent that has earned him clients and opportunities with some of America's top companies.

Below, you can see just a small sampling of Shawn's graphics work. Feel free to flip through the full gallery below, or contact Shawn with any questions you might have about his work.

Recent Graphics Work

Website Graphics

Randi Rhodes Show Formatic Graphics

Randi Rhodes Show Story Graphics

Assorted Other Commerical Graphics