Commericial Writing Portfolio

Having worked in the media professionally for nearly twenty years, Shawn has worked on, with or in nearly every major category of media, from newspapers, radio, and internet publications, to television, and even film - but always on the content creation side.

That said, Shawn understands the importance of the sales and commercial side of media - especially in the modern media environment.

Below, you'll find four different examples of Shawn's work in writing for commercial reasons. From radio copy to printed matter, Shawn's been able to work with salespeople and clients alike to turn their commercial ideas into successful tools for their businesses.

Feel free to click on any of the four examples below, to get a sample of what Shawn's commercial writing abilities are.

Randi Rhodes Producer ExamplesRadio Spot Writing For Local Event
Husker Sports Producer ExamplesRadio & Print Writing For National Retail Chain

Voiceover/Talent ExamplesRadio Spot Writing (With Voiceover Work) For Local Business
Husker Sports Writing ExamplesCommerical Publication Writing For National Sports Network