News Aggregation Example - Randi Rhodes' Daily homework

When a journalist or media talent does their homework deeply and properly, it shows. Nowhere was that truism more acutely on display in modern media on a daily basis than at The Randi Rhodes Show. For the show's entire decade-long run at the national level, through multiple syndicators, that tradition of excellence remained a core part of the show.

As described elsewhere on this site, each day's edition of "Randi's Homework" required a long and complex process, which required excellent news judgement, sharp organizational abilities, and usually tight adherence to high journalistic standards.

Shawn's responsibilities with aggregating the news links content for the show also involved a broad set of skills, which included not only finding, collecting, and organizing news. At different times, his responsibilities also included the direct HTML coding, graphics creation, and posting of each day's "homework" on the show's website.

Since The Randi Rhodes Show ended in May 2014, Premiere Radio has taken the show's website down. However, Shawn has recreated one day's homework from April 2014, from pieces of the show he had in his own archives. Take a look at out how this legendary aggregation resource was created daily, or take a look at an example of Shawn's aggreagtion abilities below.